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Online Advertising
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Online Advertising

We create, publish and distribute content online to the intended target. Furthermore generating leads for your business by placing the content on either Google or any other social media platforms. Bluestone Digital investigates and researches your target audience. Determining what the most effective online advertising is suited for your company. We reach your target audience at the right place and at the right time, which is measurable.

In addition to Google ads and social media marketing, we offer content marketing, e-mail marketing or video advertising. We look at your current state and where you would like to be. As a result of the analyses of your existing target audience and determining the right direction best suited, we bring value to you as our client.

Technology is changing every day without us realising it. New platforms, ad types and targeting capabilities are evolving all the time, and today it is more important than ever to remain relevant. We need to ensure our target audience clicks on an advert, without realising, it was actually an ad.

Content Marketing

With content marketing, we create and distribute content that is relevant to the target audience. As a result, this attracts the right target audience making a profit for your business.

We use the AIDA marketing model: Attract, Interest, Desire and Action. in particular, we allocate the right content as the customer moves through all the steps in the hierarchy. It results in improved customer experience.

Bluestone Digital uses the right type of content to attract the right audience at the right time. For example, we create Infographics, Websites, Podcasts, Blogging posts, videos and e-Books to help our customers stand out. Resulting in better quality leads and return on investment. At the same time you are building trust and loyalty. As an example, your customer will know where to go to for a reliable resource.

Content Marketing