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What is your digital marketing strategy?

Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy? What is your game plan for reaching a prospective target audience, and turning them into customers of the products or services your business provides?


Your digital marketing strategy is the framework for your digital marketing activities, and it’s critical to ensure that your entire organization is aligned with it. Digital marketing strategies are developed based on market analysis and goals. A successful digital marketing strategy will have specific milestones and metrics in place to measure your success.


The 5 D’s of Digital Marketing are your strategy’s five key components. Digital marketing is broad and vast, but these five key components will help you build your digital strategy around the most important aspects of your business. While there are many moving parts to digital marketing, these are the top 5 focuses every digital marketer should keep in mind.  These are:

  • Digital Devices (your smartphone, computer, TV’s Tablets etc)
  • Digital Platforms (Social Media, Search Engines, Websites)
  • Digital Media (Online advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, messaging)
  • Digital Data (Contact us forms, surveys and Apps)
  • Digital Technology (Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)) 

Read more on our “experience” here. Not sure what strategy to invest in?  Read our blog article about Google Ads vs Facebook Ads 

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