Bluestone Digital

Call Tracking

Do you advertise ?
Do you know how many calls you get ?
Do you know which advertising brings the most calls ?

With CallTracking™ you can.

Our calls come from various placements, TV, Print, Online Advertising, Website, even on Billboard.  The trick is to deterimine which advertising spend is bringing in the most Calls, which you then convert into leads, which then becomes a sale.  The most important aspect is to determine where these calls are coming from.  With CallTracking you can now calculate an accurate Return on Investment, then successfully allocating your advertising spend to the most effective marketing strategy.
You would divide your budget for each medium by the number of calls you receive to determine whats most effective.

The CallTracking System:

  • Successfully redirects your calls to your office numbers.
  • Callers are not aware of the redirect.
  • Standard Call Rates apply.
  • No extra infrastructure needed.

For more information on CallTracking™, please download brochure here: