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Email Marketing

Email marketing is still effective

Email Marketing that works

We use email marketing to help our clients drive sales, increase leads and build their brand.

Get increased ROI on your email marketing campaigns.

Bluestone Digital understands how vital it is for you to get answers quickly without having to wait.

We have a five-step email marketing process. The first step is identifying your needs and preferences, the second step is proposing an email marketing plan and setting goals, the third step is creating a strategy, the fourth step is carrying out the strategy and optimizing your results, and the fifth and final step is reporting and measuring your success.

Take your email marekting to the next level with these tips.

  • Make sure it is targeted, and your content is personalised according to your audience.
  • Build Credibility, undoubtedly making sure your contact has opted in, using subject lines that do not get considered as spam.
  • Make sure you are creating reputable brand awareness, subsequently improving relevancy, obviously well written.
  • Use email marketing to boost sales. 
  • Email marketing helps boost customer relationships.
  • Use your time more effectively and within your budget.
  • You are increasing your traffic to your website, especially by using links pulling them to your website.
  • Establish your authority obviously so that your customer looks at you with respect as a knowledgeable industry expert.
  • Without a doubt build excitement, making customer's look forward to the next read.