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Ratel 4 x 4’s Road to Digital Success

A case study -Strategic Advertising Campaign Ratel 4 x 4

Bluestone Digital thrives on the mission to forge resilient human connections between businesses and their audience amidst an ever-evolving digital landscape. Renowned for transparency and creating measurable value, the agency’s repertoire includes Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing.


This case study aims to demonstrate Bluestone Digital’s proficiency in leveraging Google and Facebook ads to deliver robust ROI, with the dual goals of attracting new clients and showcasing the agency’s expertise.

Project Focus: 4 x 4 Bosbumper

Challenge:  Ratel 4 x 4 Bosbumper approached Bluestone Digital with a Google Ads campaign that was not meeting their expectations in terms of their investment return. The task was to overhaul their keyword strategy and build the right audience for their ads.

Implemented Solutions

By diligently managing and refining Ad groups on Google, including Search and Performance Max campaigns, Bluestone Digital optimised Ratel 4×4 Bosbumper’s visibility. The real game-changer was leveraging Facebook’s Lead Generation ads, powered by meticulously gathered data, to capture 330 leads in just two months. Overall, the campaigns accrued 1081 leads on Google Search, 589 on Performance Max, and 330 on Facebook over a year.

Innovation: The Facebook campaign’s success was significantly boosted by creative, frequently refreshed ad creatives to maintain audience engagement and prevent banner blindness.

ratel 4x4 leads vs impressions
Monthly Comparison of Clicks vs Leads


Bluestone Digital’s strategic approach yielded a remarkable increase in sales and ensured each lead generated was of high quality. This lead generation directly translated to enhanced brand recognition and heightened customer satisfaction for Ratel 4 x 4.

ratel 4x4 ads comparison
Platform Comparison by platform

Client Testimonial

The client expressed immense satisfaction with Bluestone Digital’s commitment and the palpable effectiveness of the campaigns, encouraging the team to continue their exceptional work.

Insights and Lessons

The experience reinforced that consistent effort and a long-term perspective are vital for digital marketing success. For Google Ads, an “always-on” strategy is essential, while Facebook ads require a well-defined target audience to prevent the platform from yielding irrelevant leads.

ratel heavy duty car seat (1)
ratel ford ranger facelift (1)
ratel 4x4 ford ranger (1)

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