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The modern Marketer – Artist and Scientist!

Digital and social media marketing have revolutionised marketing and are constantly changing. The astute marketer of today needs to embrace change and remain on the cutting edge of technology trends in the current climate. Campaigns also, however, need to be more personalised, responsive and engaging, so in essence, the Modern Marketer has to be both Artist and Scientist!

New tools, new technologies and data analysis need to be complemented with and augmented by creative and engaging content. When you consider that the average person gets served 2,000 adverts a day it stands to reason that your advert really has to stand out!

The Artist in Digital Marketing

Content is king and is becoming more important and influential every day. It needs to include the use of relevant keywords to improve search results and outperform the competition – and of course, be more visible online. This is part of the ongoing strategy of the modern marketer.

Visual assets (or adverts) also need to grab the attention of the target audience to make it stand out, seeing as we are daily served so much content.

Social media as a brand builder

Social Media has changed the way we interact with our customers and build solid relationships. People, via smartphones, are spending far more time on social media platforms than ever before.

It assists brands to reach global markets and increase their customer base, thereby generating business growth. Here are five good reasons to use Social Media marketing to build your brand…

  1. Customers feel more important when engaged with online
  2. Customers can use platforms to request support for products and services
  3.  Marketers can engage with potential customers to create brand awareness
  4. It can generate leads – thereby generating revenue
  5. Constant communication flows between the brand and its customer.

E-mail marketing

Through the implementation of the POPI act, e-mail marketing remains the most popular way to reach customers once they have opted into communications. A disadvantage is, emails are being blocked for SPAM, but other strategies can be devised to work around this and still reach the customer.

The Scientist behind Digital Marketing

The persona and skills of the marketer need to adapt to changes in technology. Performance tracking is essential to ensure the marketer reaches the goals specifically set out by the customer.

They need to track the activities of the campaign, ensuring they are reaching the potential target audience. Conversion rates need to be reached to achieve the desired action of the target market user. In South Africa achieving anything above 2% is considered a good starting point.

Resources are minimal, so the responsibility rests more with Digital marketing, budgeting and ensuring you are constantly monitoring and optimizing. This is essential to ensure you can achieve your specified goals. Many companies are reducing budgets and opting for digital solutions due to their efficacy, measurability and cost-effectiveness.

Data analysis

Analysing Data requires the expertise that enables you to recognise trends. Even more importantly, the ability to see how you can optimize and adjust the campaign to make improvements that pinpoint its success based on why and how the audience is interacting.

Using the right tools to assist in analysis and performance is essential for the modern marketer. This improves the customer experience, manages the user journey, helps you to understand the interests of the customer, and ensures you are achieving your goals.

The Bluestone solution

In conclusion, the modern marketer needs to be diverse, exhibiting both huge creativity and most definitely a scientific prowess that enables them to thrive in the ever-changing Digital and Social Media marketing world.

We at Bluestone Digital, with years of experience and expertise in both facets of our field, are the epitome of the Modern Marketer. Simply contact us for advice and assistance – or an analysis of your specific requirements, so that we can devise an effective marketing strategy for you that will rocket your brand into significance, placing your head and shoulders above your Social Media competition.

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